Practical protocols
A DNA pendant Print E-mail

dnapendant.pngCrude extraction of DNA from human cheek cells

This protocol describes the crude extraction of DNA from human cheek cells. The DNA may be placed in a pendant to be worn round the neck.


Ginger beer Print E-mail

gingerbeer.pngA refreshing, fermented low-alcohol drink

This recipe-based procedure can be used to introduce younger students to the principles of fermentation, food hygiene (a precursor to aseptic technique) and the biochemistry of respiration. There are also opportunities for more challenging problem-solving activites, some of a technological nature.



The chocolate challenge Print E-mail




Quantitative sensory evaluation of food

Students use quantitative techniques to compare the taste and other properties of different brands of chocolate. The same principles can also be applied to the evaluation of other types of food.

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