Pectinases and cellulases can be used to enhance the yield of juice from apples and similar fruits

A simple practical protocol, allowing students to investigate how enzymes may be used to enhance the yield of fruit juice from apples and similar fruits.


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Educational objectives
Reinforces learning about the stucture of plant tissues. Allows practical, quantitative investigation of factors affecting enzyme activity e.g., temperature and pH. Presents scope for open-ended investigations. Industrial use of enzymes.

Pre-knowledge and skills required by students
Structure of plant cells and tissues, including the nature of the cell wall and pectin between cells. General nature and principles of enzyme activity, including effect of temperature and pH.

Time taken in lesson
50 minutes

Preparation time
30 minutes

Specialist equipment and materials required
Pectinase preparation e.g., Novozymes Pectinex. OPTIONAL: cellulase and amylase preparations

Context where originally used
Very widely used in schools throught the UK since the early 1980s.

Additional information
The NCBE supplies suitable Novozymes enzymes to schools and colleges in the UK. Similar arrangements may exist in other countries.


Dean Madden

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NCBE, Science and Technology Centre
University of Reading
Earley Gate

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Copyright © Dean Madden 2006


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