A refreshing, fermented low-alcohol drink

This recipe-based procedure can be used to introduce younger students to the principles of fermentation, food hygiene (a precursor to aseptic technique) and the biochemistry of respiration. There are also opportunities for more challenging problem-solving activites, some of a technological nature.

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Educational objectives
Students will learn about food hygeine and fermentation. There are opportunities for additional problem-solving activities.

Pre-knowledge and skills required by students
A basic knowledge of microbiology e.g., understanding about yeast might be useful, although it is not essential.

Time taken in lesson
180+ minutes

Preparation time
60 minutes

Specialist equipment and materials required
All of the ingredients for this work may be obtained in a supermarket or market.

Context where originally used
Used with students aged 10–16.

Additional information
Note that people may object to this work as it involves the production of alcohol (the finished product contains < 2% alcohol, however).


Dean Madden

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NCBE, Science and Technology Centre
University of Reading
Earley Gate

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