Fagiolo_ITA didactic use of soil bacteria from nodules on leguminous plant roots


Hands-on activities enabling students to extract bacteria from nodules of leguminous plant roots, to grow them and infect roots of different leguminous plants.

This activity can be done in a multiphase project starting from the growing of soil bacteria  and free living nitrogen fixing bacteria using EIBE protocols



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Educational objectives. What will students learn?
The students will investigate the nitrogen cycle, soil bacteria, seed germination, symbiosis between plants and bacteria, molecular mechanisms of a "natural" biotechnology.

Pre-knowledge and skills required by students
The students will benefit from general knowledge about plant physiology


Time taken in lesson 180 minutes or more

Preparation time 30 minutes

Specialist equipment and materials required
Culture medium for soil bacteria.

Anna Pascucci & Angela Crimi

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Anna Pascucci

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COINOR, Università di Napoli
Corso Umberto I
800137 Naples


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